2 Reasons To Have Your Construction Site Assessed For Erosion Control Measures Before The Work Begins

Posted on: 9 January 2023

Before you ever break ground at a new construction site, a lot of planning has to take place, such as surveying the area and selecting the ideal spots for certain supporting structures. During this planning, you should also include how to deal with soil erosion that will inevitably occur when the ground is disturbed.

While you may believe that you have all measures in place to prevent erosion, there may be unfamiliar issues in certain areas that should be addressed by a professional. Below are a couple of reasons why you should have the construction site assessed for problematic areas so that a plan mapping out erosion control measures can be devised before work begins.

1. Erosion Can Weaken the Ground Underneath the Newly Built Structures, Potentially Causing Catastrophic Damage

One reason you need to have the site assessed for erosion problems before you start construction is that uncontrolled erosion can weaken the ground. Even if you pack the soil before building structures on it, water from storms will cause surface erosion as well as saturation of the ground.

When this occurs, the weakened ground underneath the newly built structures can cause soil to shift. When no measures are in place to prevent this from happening, the shifting soil could potentially cause catastrophic damage to structures.

2. Soil Runoff Can Adversely Impact Adjoining Properties and Nearby Water Sources, Possibly Resulting in Fines

Another reason why you need to have the ground assessed and erosion control measures in place before construction begins is that any soil runoff can adversely impact adjacent areas. If a severe storm comes through and these measures are not in place, the soil could end up on an adjoining property or even collect in nearby water sources.

Because of the possibility of contamination as well as possibly impeding properties surrounding the site, you could face hefty fines. You need to have a professional pinpoint these problematic areas and make suggestions on how to control the erosion of the soil to keep this from becoming an issue.

If you neglect to ensure that possible soil erosion on your construction site is under control, you risk building on weakened ground that could shift and cause severe damage to the newly built structures. The runoff of the soil could also adversely impact adjacent properties and water sources, which could result in hefty environmental fines. Before you start work on the upcoming job, contact a business that offers erosion control services to have them assess the ground and help you develop a plan to keep the soil at the construction site from eroding.


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