• Reasons Construction Projects Require Materials Testing

    There are multiple stages of construction, with one of the most important being materials testing. If you're in charge of a construction project, you always want to pursue construction materials testing for a couple of key reasons. Ensure Project Safety Regardless of what is going up around a construction site, safety has to be observed every step of the way. Otherwise, accidents can happen when construction crews work and even later when a structure is finally built from the ground up.
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  • Why Your New Concrete Driveway Is Already Pitted

    That new concrete driveway you got should last years, but it's already starting to show areas that are pitted and rough. You need to find out what's causing that condition, also known as scaling because it's not normal and shouldn't be happening. The best option is to contact the company that installed the concrete and have them do a petrographic inspection. This is a microscopic inspection that can show why the concrete isn't holding its shape even though it's relatively new and should be very strong.
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