• More Companies Are Turning to Outsourcing for Hazardous Waste Management

    Since the COVID-19 epidemic, fewer companies want to deal with their hazardous waste on-site. This is particularly true of the healthcare industry disposing of medical waste. The WHO has advised hospitals to treat medical waste in the same way they were pre-pandemic. But faced with a high spike in waste and concerns over health risks, hospitals are seeking out alternative hazardous waste management solutions.  The trend towards the outsourcing of hazardous waste management is expected to grow across all industries.
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  • Grease Can Cause A Huge Clog In The Sewer

    Restaurants have to make sure that they aren't letting grease get past their sinks and out into the sewer. That's because the grease can clog up pipes and cause problems in the sewer. The grease can turn into one big fatberg that also grabs a hold of as much of the stuff that goes down the sewer as possible. Eventually, that will turn into a huge thing that can entirely block up the sewer.
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